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So what's your poison?

The place for Emily's musings

The Morbid One
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Well, I am a strange girl. Whose name is Emily :D
I mainly lurk about on various livejournals and websites.

I am a fan of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Stargate and various others.
I love to read, occasionally I try to draw and write poetry.
I never really get very far in either medium.

{ wear }

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By smooth_poison

Jonathan Creek is 'Mop-Haired Magic Geek' Love

created by: unrequited_rain

Shigure Is Quirky Love

Hatori Is Serious Love

2pm, agatha christie, alan rickman, alice cooper, anime, anita blake, apocalyptica, archaeology, arm warmers, art, astrology, axes, barty crouch jr, blackpool, bleeding edge goths, blood ties, bloody monday, books, bubblegum crisis: tokyo 2040, buffy, captain jack harkness, cello, clue, cluedo, coffins, corsets, cowboy bebop, crystals, david tennant, depeche mode, digital art, doctor who, dragons, emily the strange, fanart, fanfiction, firefly, freedom of speech, fruits basket, gauntlets, gloves, gokusen, good omens, halloween, hanakimi, hank williams, harry potter, heroes, history, ikuta toma, indiana jones, internet, jack davenport, john barrowman, john simm, jonathan creek, kamenashi kazuya, kei!fic, kinky friedman, knitting, kurosagi, leg warmers, life on mars, linguistics, lucius malfoy, manga, matsumoto jun, matt rippy, medieval clothes, merlin, michael fassbender, mizushima hiro, movies, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nero wolfe, night, oguri shun, ok go, paul mcdermott, personality quizzes, photoshop, poems, poetry, princess hours, psychology, reading, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, robson green, rocky horror picture show, rookies, sakurai sho, sato takeru, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scene it, sci-fi, science fiction, severus snape, slash, sliders, snakes, snarry, spicks and specks, squicks, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1, steampunk, stringfever, sweeney todd, tamora pierce, tardis, that tongue thing, the brat pack, the breakfast club, the doctor, the lost boys, the master, theatre, tim curry, torchwood, welsh accents, wicca, wigs, william shakespeare, wizard of oz, xena:warrior princess, yamapi, yamashita tomohisa, zombie loan