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Hello LJ, it's been a while.

Poor neglected livejournal.
I suppose it's unsurprising that it was while procrastinating that I thought I'd come visit.
Not surprising at all.

Though really, now is not the time for procrastinating but in fact, probably the time for sleep.
I'm getting old, it's only 11:15pm and I'm already sleepy.

I'm not looking forward to this week, three reports due and two presentations.
I miss archaeology.

Since the last post in 2010 I have:
  • developed an obsession for mustaches, I found earrings the other day!
  • started a busines course
  • gained 5 new book cases, bringing my total to 8
  • bought a lot of young adult books
  • obsessed over Sherlock
  • convinced my mother to knit me a doctor who scarf, it's awesome
  • Chopped all my hair off, to a 20s style bob. It's growing again.
  • failed my very fist assignment, ugh marketing.
  • did the intro course for kendo, then due to my propensity to not go through with things didn't continue, sorry Kei.
  • visited four or five, I don't remember, libraries in one day with Lauren, that was fun.
All in all, I've not been very productive.

I seem to have become rather clumsy. One horrible Friday, I was stuck at work till 10:30pm, it had been busy. before I finished work I managed to break a small stapler, the bottom snapped in half when I went to staple something. I broke not one but two sauce bottles, the first I had been moving filled bottles to where they live when I accidently rather lightly clanged two bottles together. Of course the bottom just had to fall off the hot sauce, It was like the bottle had vomited every where. The second happend when I went in to collect the washed bottles to be filled and whacked a medium bottle into the shelf and broke the corner. My work mates just laughed.

A week or so after that, at work once again, I had returned from getting the drinks from the store room. I wheeled the trolley into the store down to where we keep drinks, unfortunately I veered too close to a bit of wall that juts out and crashed into it. The drinks of course slid off the trolly. Unfortunately I also had two cases of juice in glass bottles on the trolly. The orange juice was saved by a case of coke, the apple juice was not as lucky, fortunately I only managed to break 5 bottles.

They should just keep me away from glass.

To sum up I've not been very productive but I have become clumsy.

And now it is 11:58pm and I am heading to bed.


dreaming dreams of freedom.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

Amanda Palmer* owned a house somewhere in Victoria which had it's own private beach, virtually untouched by man. Upon that beach she had placed a bath, in which she would sit and watch the waves while getting a nice tan.
I happened to chance upon her beach, and I decided to find somewhere to sit and relax, however she, in her tub, must have heard my approach as she started calling for Jeet*, her security, exclaiming that there was someone trespassing. I hurried away in fear for my life.

Later on, Amanda held a sleepover in her house, which I was invited to. I did not know the others there, but we were all fans.
We probably spent the night playing the ukulele and singing songs.

And in another dream, I was having a party, whereupon my parents had bought a large number of different drinks, one which Brent exclaimed about to Kei. Some apple and blackcurrent and mango concoction? When Kei requested that specific drink I had a hard time finding it given the sheer number of different drinks in this TARDIS like fridge. Camille was there, busy studying for some nursing exam while we were watching some horror movie. 


* Amanda Palmer is a punk cabaret/Alt rock musician, she is in the band The Dresden Dolls, and she introduced Evelyn Evelyn to the world along with Jason Webley. Incidentally she is also engaged to my favourite published author Neil Gaiman.

* Jeet is someone I work with.


The Sentinel

I have been meaning to post this poem up for some time now. I can just never be bothered or remember to actually do it when I'm on the computer. It is another poem from my writing poetry class, about a year ago now.
We had to do an actual performance as part of our portfolios, my classmates and I decided to pick one of the statues around the La Trobe campus and each write a poem on it, the statue that was chosen is called The Sentinel, and thus it is the title of this poem.
The performance itself wasn't very exciting, we just stood around the statue and read our poems out.

 The Sentinel. A thing of mystery,                                                                             Stands proud and tall.  Watching, guarding, It protects us all.   From ghouls and goblins, And graveyard ghosts. From beetles and bugs, And spiders that are hated the most.  In the shadow of every day, In the darkness of the night, Every threat is foiled,  Every enemy faces its might.   The Sentinel stands, Lies in wait, Protects all around, And guards us from our fate.

 The Sentinel.

A thing of mystery,

Stands proud and tall.

Watching, guarding,

It protects us all.


From ghouls and goblins,

And graveyard ghosts.

From beetles and bugs,

And spiders that are hated the most.


In the shadow of every day,

In the darkness of the night,

Every threat is foiled,

 Every enemy faces its might.


The Sentinel stands,

Lies in wait,

Protects all around,

And guards us from our fate.



Damn, I've been reading too much Inception fanfic that last night i dreamt about dreaming. Even the characters from the movie were there.

I suppose reading excessive amounts of fanfic are a side effect of being sick.
This is my first cold since June last year, first time in recent history that there has been a little over a year between colds for me.

I suppose I should get up and have a shower before dad gets home so we can go and vote.

I hope everyone has a nice day!

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The Accidents of Internet Life

I interrupt your regularly scheduled evening to bring you a random meme.

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Now that that's done, how is everyone?

Random story, I finally slipped and fell on my arse last Thursday at work. Luckily it was around the back and no one saw me, though one of my colleague's did come around the corner and question why I was on the floor.
I seem to be terribly accident prone at work, around the time I started working at Nando's I went to get some paper towel to wipe my hands, the dispenser fell off the wall and into my hands. Another time, maybe at the end of winter last year, someone had placed an umbrella in the cupboard on the top shelf, the bloody thing fell out and hit me on the head, wooden handle first.

I think it's time for some spring cleaning, but it is difficult as I do like to horde things, hence why most of my toys from my younger years are in the garage. When they are conducting archaeology in the far distant future . . . actually what is the survival rate of plastic exposed to the elements and then gradually covered by years of dirt?

Should probably go to bed soon, I do have work tomorrow.


The man your man could smell like.

So since I have acquired an ipod touch and connected it to the wireless I have been watching YouTube more often.
I always intend to share the crazy and hilarious vids I stumble across, but I'm lazy.

In an effort to curb that lazyness, even if for one night, I bring you one of the YouTube vids that has made me laugh lately.



In other news, it seems my boss has enrolled some of us in an 8 month course that by the end of we will have certificates 1, 2 and 3 in hospitality and retail. Will probably be useful, though now I guess I'm stuck at Nando's at least until the course is done. *sigh*

It was busy today, possibly came close to losing my voice as it seemed as though I was trapped to the registers. Why can't people just stay home on public holidays?

Is there anyone here?  :D  . . . Anyone?  . . . Bueller?

I haven't had anything to write about for a while now but today I suppose I do.
For today is the day I graduated with the robes and ceremony.

It was horrible driving to La Trobe this morning, there was traffic, then traffic, then traffic and then it was difficult to find parking.
I left a good 45 minutes before my parents, I was still looking for somewhere to park when they rang to tell me they had arrived. *headdesk*
I was supposed to be there between 8-9:30, luckily there were other people still getting their robes after 9:30; I left home at 7 and everything.

The gown was pretty much like my Ravenclaw robes, and I had to wear turquoise for Arts. I can now pretend I just graduated from Hogwarts, though only Ravenclaws were in session. The hat; I was happy when it was time to take it off.  

The ceremony was ok, not as long as I thought it was going to be, the guest speaker was interesting and the Chancellor is a cute little old lady. According the the Dean of Humanities my name is Emily Jane (I do not know how he mistook Anne for Jane) oddly enough quite a few names later there was an Emily Jean Hammond. 

My parents graciously bought me a red La Trobe jumper that I had been eying since I went to watch Kei play soccer for V.U. It was $90, which is why I hadn't bought it myself.

The day was finished off by lunch in a restaurant, I had lasagna and chips :D

And now I sleep the sleep of the dead. 

*coffin creaks*


Of seduction and boredom; a deadly mix.

Emi is bored.

I suppose I could be doing research for my archaeology essay . . . nah, I'm not in the mood for Korean or Japanese nationalism.
Instead I have been seduced by DBSK *drools*

Yes Emma, whenever it is that I'll be coming to collect BL movies I shall also be stealing DBSK stuff :D

I am slowly getting sick of Uni, can't wait for it to end. However I really want to learn Korean, it's such a nice language.
Work is ok I suppose, lot's of new people working with me. I do wish that people could push in their chairs when they leave and put their devoured chicken bones back on their plates not the table.

* * *

*blinks* it has now been a couple of hours since I started writing this entry.
I got caught up in a Changmin/Jaejoong fic that has yet to be finished :(

We believe there is a mouse roaming about the house which is amusing because now mum doesn't want to go into the kitchen by herself in case it jumps out and attacks her.   :D

I believe it is time for me to go to bed.
Sweet dreams all.


Writing Poetry

I have an academic question now:

Why does poetry matter?

Please offer some insight into how you view poetry :D 
I have a 2000 word essay due at the end of this month and I have to present a synopsis of my essay in class either this week or next week.

Well I guess I should go work on homework now.


Fragments of dreams and dreams of music.


I thought I should type up my dream before I forget it, well forget the rest of it.

So here's what I remember (which isn't much):

Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry and myself were really very sleepy, so we decided to go to bed.
The same bed. It must have been a rather large bed.
When I woke up, within the dream, I promptly asked for autographs.  :D

There was more, but it has floated away upon the clouds of discovery. They shall hatch in someone else's brain.

In other news:
I have been watching Nodame Cantabile again, I forgot how much that show makes me want to play music and be in an orchestra.
If only Mr. Justin never left, and I still had callus' on my fingers from pressing down on cello strings.
Incidentally I still cannot tune a cello, hmm I seem to have swapped broken strings for flat tyres.

*sigh* I'm sleepy, but I should probably try to finish my blasted poem, or attempt my online archaeology test for the week.
African Archaeology is interesting :D